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Ashley & Daylen :: Engaged!

To say that I am excited for these two would be an understatement. In the words of my husband, “If I were any happier, I would be twins.” Whatever that means!

I feel like I should write a novel…but instead I will let these pictures speak for themselves. So excited to see these two tie the knot in June! Love you both!



Christmas Memories {2015}

As always Christmas sneaked up on me again. I know it’s coming every year, and yet I wake up one morning and am astonished that it’s December. Then after several hurried grocery store, mall, Hobby Lobby, and Target runs, Christmas parties have happened; Christmas is here and gone; and the decorations are put away. Your husband then proclaims, “It looks like we’ve been robbed! Was the house this empty before?” So while it was fleeting, this Christmas was especially special. It was our first Christmas in our new home and our son’s very first Christmas. It was also the first Christmas that I was able to put out a lot of my Mom’s Christmas decorations. She would have loved it and loved this house. It was special being able to remember her through her decorations; many of which, I remember from my childhood. I will get to that later on in this post. Let’s start at the beginning …

For the last several years, we have made it a family tradition to pick out a real wreath from Ted Drewes Christmas Tree Lot. This year was slightly different in that instead of placing our wreath on the front door, we hung it on the side of the house and placed a spotlight on it. And like in the past, our Christmas card photo was taken during our time there. Maybe one of these days, we will not include a picture of the Christmas tree lot on our Christmas card. For now, it’s fun to watch the kids grow and change amidst the trees. There’s nothing like a lit up Christmas tree lot. Something about it is nostalgic and magical.

Bockman Christmas_0001
Bockman Christmas_0002
Bockman Christmas_0003
Bockman Christmas_0004
Bockman Christmas_0005
Since I knew we were going to be out of town for Thanksgiving and weren’t returning until the 1st of December, I knew I had to start on Christmas before we left. Our new home has 9-foot ceilings on the first floor, and so I was super excited to buy a big tree! So before we left for Thanksgiving, we went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a 9-foot Christmas tree. I was just a tad giddy! I’ve always wanted a tall tree! The tree went up and that was pretty much all of the Christmas decorating that was accomplished until after Thanksgiving. It took me a good week or so to finish getting all the decorations up. It was an adventure for me as I had much more space to decorate! I’m a traditional Christmas gal. If I can only have one tree, it’s going to be traditional Christmas colors. But I was able to have two Christmas trees this year! It was fun using my creative juices and decorating our “formal” living room. It quite possibly is one of my favorite rooms in our house.
Bockman Christmas_0006
The satin gold ball ornaments used to adorn my mom’s piano when I was growing up. These ornaments are older than I am and, amazingly, have stood the test of time! The Christmas in the Country child’s book belonged to my mother when she was a little girl, and I remember reading it as a little girl myself. I remember loving reading about the children making popcorn garlands. The gold clock belonged to my grandpa, and many of the pine cones were my mom’s and picked from the forest when she lived in California. The rocking horse was a gift to Audrie from her Gramma one year for Christmas. It fit so great in that room.

Bockman Christmas_0008
Bockman Christmas_0009
Out of the many ornaments my mom and I accumulated over the years, I chose the ones that were most neutral colored to place on the tree in this room. This tree was the last tree my mom used in her house. The sweetheart ornament was one my mom bought for Aaron and I one year for Christmas. The angel ornament to the right, Mattie made in preschool this year!
Bockman Christmas_0010
These ceramic ornaments were hand-painted by my mom. They illustrate the poem “The Night Before Christmas.”
Bockman Christmas_0011
The ceramic bell on the piano was hand-painted by Mom as well and has a miniature ceramic nativity inside. The antique chair to the right of the fireplace was owned by Aaron’s great grandfather. So many memories in this room alone, but I won’t bore you with details!
Bockman Christmas_0012
On to the kitchen! When we were looking for a new home, my wish list included an all white kitchen. When we fell in love with this home, I told myself and my husband that I could handle the yellow. After about two months, I decided the yellow had to go. As you can see, it’s still here! But hopefully soon, it will be a lovely shade of the lightest of grays!
Bockman Christmas_0013
Bockman Christmas_0014
Bockman Christmas_0015
I originally had decided that I would not keep my mom’s Christmas dishes and let them go. When they didn’t sell at her estate sale, I decided to keep them. I’m glad I did!
Bockman Christmas_0016
Bockman Christmas_0017
Bockman Christmas_0018
My 9-foot tree went in our family room. And this is where you’ll see my traditional Christmas colors!
Bockman Christmas_0019
My tree is filled with many ornaments that have special memories attached to them. I love pulling out each ornament every year! Here are all of our Baby’s First Christmas ornaments!
Bockman Christmas_0020
Bockman Christmas_0021
This was the first year, that I did not hang my childhood stocking “on the mantle.” But I had to hang it somewhere. My grandma crocheted this stocking for me. And it has hung on the mantle waiting for goodies to be placed in it every year for 34 years! It was a good run!
Bockman Christmas_0022
I was so happy to be able to put this nativity out this year. My mom hand-painted this large nativity set before I was born. It was a Christmas staple in my home growing up.
Bockman Christmas_0023
Bockman Christmas_0024
This wreath was made by my grandma. It hung in my house growing up. I absolutely love it. The velvet ribbon is becoming hard. The snowmen are missing noses. If you get close enough, you can smell it’s musty smell from its years of hanging out in a storage shed during the off season. But I loved seeing it all my wall this year.
Bockman Christmas_0025
The girls adore their shelf elf named Holly. It was always an adventure to wake up in the morning and find where she had hidden herself during the night.
Bockman Christmas_0026
Bockman Christmas_0027
A Christmas Eve tradition in our home is baking cookies for Santa! I’m wearing the apron my mom wore every year at Christmas. And I’m pretty sure I have a picture of her wearing this exact apron when she was pregnant with me…I’ll have to check on that!
Bockman Christmas_0028
Bockman Christmas_0029
Bockman Christmas_0030
Bockman Christmas_0031
Bockman Christmas_0032
Bockman Christmas_0033
After the cookies are baked and cooling, Dad tells the true story of Christmas and the girls help act it out with their Little People Nativity. This year Mattie brought a slew of Little People as an audience to the Savior’s birth.
Bockman Christmas_0034
Bockman Christmas_0035
Bockman Christmas_0036
Bockman Christmas_0037
Christmas Day!
Bockman Christmas_0038
Bockman Christmas_0039
Waiting on the stairs until mom gives the okay signal!
Bockman Christmas_0040
Stockings are always first after seeing what gift Santa brought.
Bockman Christmas_0041
Bockman Christmas_0042
Bockman Christmas_0043
Bockman Christmas_0044
Bockman Christmas_0045
Bockman Christmas_0046
Bockman Christmas_0047
Bockman Christmas_0048
Great memories were made this year. I’m already looking forward to our second Christmas in this home. I love making family traditions, and my desire for my kids is to have wonderful Christmas memories just like the memories my mom helped make for me!

My goal for this new year is to try to be more purposeful in capturing our personal family memories. So I have “committed” to a 366 project. I’ve already missed a few days, but if you fall of the horse, get back in the saddle, right?! I will try to share bits of this project soon!

Brittany & Logan :: Engaged!

I first met Logan when I photographed his amazing family last year. At that time, I took individual pictures of each family member. When it came Logan’s turn, his family began mentioning Brittany’s name to get him to smile…and smile he did! And after meeting Brittany, I can see why he has reason to smile! It was such a pleasure to photograph this sweet couple. We laughed. I nearly fell several times. We laughed some more. And we came away with some pretty sweet images of this fantastic pair!

Brittany and Logan_0001
Brittany and Logan_0002
Brittany and Logan_0003
Brittany and Logan_0004
Brittany and Logan_0005
Brittany and Logan_0006
Brittany and Logan_0007
Brittany and Logan_0008
Brittany and Logan_0009
Brittany and Logan_0010
Brittany and Logan_0011
Brittany and Logan_0012
Brittany and Logan_0013
Brittany and Logan_0014
Brittany and Logan_0016
Brittany and Logan_0017
Brittany and Logan_0018

Baby Blade

Aw. The sweetness. I have a beautiful little nephew. He stole my heart from the first moment. We are so tremendously excited for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Welcome to the world, sweet boy! I’m so proud to be your aunt!

BRB Newborn_0001
BRB Newborn_0002
BRB Newborn_0003
BRB Newborn_0004
BRB Newborn_0005
BRB Newborn_0006
BRB Newborn_0007
BRB Newborn_0008
BRB Newborn_0009
BRB Newborn_0010
BRB Newborn_0011
BRB Newborn_0012